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About The Artist

Gillianne, otherwise known as GilliBean paints in an impressionistic style where abstract meets realism. You will notice she uses a multitude of vivid colors, which began in paintings of sunsets and has since bloomed into her own personal style. Gillianne loves the outdoors, which is where her inspiration is born. She brings that scenery to life with a beauty and optimism of bright colors.
Gillianne lives in Wausau, Wisconsin with her husband, 2 boys, and dog. Living in Wausau she has ample opportunities for exploring the great outdoors, including the untouched Northwoods and serene lakes. Her family often follows her on crazy adventures in search of her next great inspiration and reference photos. Although she prefers painting naturescapes she does also enjoy an occasional architectural or animal painting.
At an early age, Gillianne, learned to paint with guidance from her grandmother. Living in Canada, her grandmother often painted landscapes and flowers, and while she worked with oils and watercolors, Gillianne found a love for acrylics. In 2021 she opened her website Her work has been on display in galleries and art shows. She even received a fine Arts award during a show in 2022! Currently she releases painting collections a few times a year. These collections, painted in her own unique style, typically depict scenery from her many hiking adventures.

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